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n Woodman and Prince Nasir also presents a different insight into Middle Eastern politics through Prince Nasir’s frustration at American control in the area and his desire to undertake national reform and develop the economy for sustainability in the long term.Additionally, the increasing work of Bryan Woodman’s character with the Prince comes at the sacrifice of his marriage due to the death of Bryan’s son. Bryan’s payment of $175 million from the Prince and role as economic advisor causes his wife to accuse him of exploiting his son’s death for commercial gain. To this end, the death of Bryan’s son and sacrifice of his marriage is arguably symbolic of the central theme of Syriana regarding the interrelationship between oil, globalisation and the balance of power in international relations. For example, it is submitted that the oil industry symbolises the sacrifice of ethical concepts of morality as the control of oil in the Middle East is seen as fundamental to the balance of power within the international framework. This is highlighted by the American unease with Prince Nasir giving a natural gas drilling rights contract to China.The three central stories that interweave throughout the film purposively depict three very different men operating over various continents to highlight the long term and immediate consequences of pursuing wealth and


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